let the dream begin...

Mike Pickles, CEO

Mike Pickles, CEO

Really Useful Products is a UK based business that designs, develops, manufactures and distributes an innovative range of plastic storage products to help our customers save time through being better organised. Our best known product is Really Useful Boxes but we have developed complimentary products like drawer units and organisers.

Our current site has no expansion space so our dream is to create a new manufacturing facility that will support our growing business and have the offices in the shape of a butterfly.

It is expected the Butterfly will be 6 stories high and we think this will be a world's first. We are hoping to start building in January 2016, finish the factory in November 2016 and the butterfly offices in April 2017.

This is our dream. We recognise we have a long and torturous journey ahead and there will be many twists and turns. Will our dream become a reality - well we hope so. Will our dream get bigger - again we hope so.

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Building the Butterfly - Lego Version by Tom Alphin (Lego Architect)


Building the Butterfly - May 2018